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19 Week Catch up!

photo (13)

I finally “popped”! It only took 19 weeks…almost half of my pregnancy but now, I finally look somewhat pregnant!

Seriously this has been such a fun week! I’m feeling absolutely fantastic, plus we had two sets of good friends who had their weddings this weekend so it was super fun to get together and celebrate with them! Chris was the Best Man in his friend, Brandon’s wedding. I was so proud of him when he made his speech (the video montage that accompanied it was also hilarious)!

** Congratulations to Brandon & Karina and Curtis & Patricia! Wishing you a lifetime of love and joy!

This week I finally felt the baby move!! I’ve probably been feeling little kicks for the past two weeks but this week I know for certain. My mom and Chris were both able to feel the baby move too! That was very exciting. We’re all so excited to meet this little one. It’s fun that we can start to interact with him/her now through the little movements.

photo (14)More gifts for Baby Yam!! From Emilia and Darcy- long time family friends of Chris. 

Oh! And I forgot to update you. I got my hair done last week before the pageant. I’ve been thinking of lightening up the colour for a long time and now that I’m done the first trimester, its time to update with something new for summer. I went to my long-time stylist, Alex, at Salon Montage in Langley. The atmosphere is great, the service is phenomenal and the products are all Aveda, so its gentle on my hair and on the environment.

18 week hair


How far along?: 19 weeks (currently 20 weeks…this update is late)

How big is Baby?: Mango sized

Sleep: I sleep great.

Food Cravings: Ice cream, popsicles and vanilla mochi….maybe its a typical pregnancy craving or its just plain HOT OUTSIDE. #summertimepregnancyproblems

Food Aversions: Not applicable this week.

Symptoms: Still headache free! Just making sure that I drink a lot of water to stay hydrated and cool in this intense summer weather. I made Chris buy a fan for the house. Tooooo Hottttt!

Gender: Soon soon soon! Gender Reveal Party on July 12…stay tuned!

What I’m looking forward to: Gender Reveal Party….boy or girl?? What do you think?!

What I miss: I do miss drinking a cold beer with my hubby on a warm summer evening. Oh well….I’ll have a celebratory drink in…4.5 months.

Next appointment: July 8 with the midwives and then July 9 at the ultrasound clinic. (**By the time of this post I’ll have had both appointments already…stay tuned for the 20 week blog to hear the results!)

18 Week Catch up!

18 week bumpI’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry! (clearly a Canadian who apologizes all the time!) My 18 week update is almost two weeks late! But I have a very good reason for my tardiness. Other than it being Canada Day recently, it was also the annual Miss BC pageant  at the Chief Sepass Theatre in Fort Langley.

Now in its 12th year, the Miss BC pageant has been foundational in the lives of many young women from all across our Province, including my own. It is a personal and professional development program to encourage and inspire young leaders across BC while providing them with the platforms to raise their voices in the community through philanthropy and volunteerism. While most pageants have their contestants doing promotional activities for sponsors and corporations, the Miss BC pageant is run solely by volunteers who believe in the cause and contestants spend their time participating in self-development workshops like: public speaking, etiquette,  healthy living, self-defence and leadership. The focus is on empowering each woman to use her voice for what she is passionate about and providing them with powerful life-skills to assist her in achieving her goals.

Testimonies from the 2013 Titleholders on what the pageant means to them. 

The Miss BC pageant is also unique because it is an equal opportunity pageant for all women from BC. There is no height or weight requirement and no age limit. Single mothers and transgendered women are welcome to apply. There are even separate categories for teens and married women to participate in the program and in 2013, we had a contestant make history by being the first woman with autism to compete (she returned again this year and was voted the Miss Congeniality title by her peers)! Oh and did I mention that there’s no swimwear competition? Contestants aren’t judged on outward beauty but rather the winner are chosen based on character, integrity and community involvement.

I can honestly say that I would not be who I am today or accomplished what I have without the support of the Miss BC pageant. I won the crown in 2010 (some of you have been faithfully following this blog since then!) and it was through that experience that I discovered my love for public speaker and learned how to articulate my passion to end human trafficking, violence against women and child exploitation. My title helped me to speak with a louder voice and use my influence to advocate in some of the highest levels of government and in various nations around the world.

Every year since my crowning I return to mentor the new contestants and assist in the organization of the pageant. It’s so powerful to watch each girl come into her own over the weekend. Many girls start off speaking shyly and stutter when they step up to the mic but by the end they are standing tall, confident and proud of who they are! I can truly say that this year Class of 2014 was one of the best. Every girl was so supportive of one another and each came with an open heart to learn and grow into the best version of herself. I am certain that many of the ladies, crown or not, will have an incredible impact on her community in the years to come!

Congratulations to the Class of Miss BC 2014 and all of the titleholders, plus Miss Congeniality and Heart & Soul winners!


Now that my tardiness has been explained…on to the bump update!


How far along?: 18 weeks (currently almost 20 weeks)

How big is Baby?: “Baby Yam” is finally the size of a Yam! And you can finally see the bump!! People are finally acknowledging that I am pregnant! Yay!

Sleep: Later nights this week with all the pageant prep and excitement going on but thankfully I’ve found lots of time for naps (and a secret hiding place in the green room of the theatre!)

Food Cravings: I had a MAD CRAVING for Mac & Cheese during the pageant! Thankfully my darling Charmaine, Miss Teen BC 2012 joined me on a trip to Wendle’s Cafe in Fort Langley where we found one of the best Mac & Cheese recipes that I have ever tasted! I’ll definitely be returning next time a craving calls!

Food Aversions: Still not crazy about fish…but otherwise I am good.

Symptoms: Headache free this week! Yay! Thanks for all the advice!!!

Gender: Soon soon soon! Planning our Gender Reveal Party already!

What I’m looking forward to: Baby kicks….I think I’m feeling it…but still not sure.

What I miss: Nothing! Honestly, I love being pregnant and its so fun  to share this special time with my Miss BC Pageant Family! We’ve been together for many years and they are such incredible people with hearts to serve. Cheryl, Miss BC 2011 and my successor, kept saying how excited she was to have a “pageant baby” around next year to cuddle and play with!

Next appointment: July 8 with the midwives and then July 9 at the ultrasound clinic.

17 Week Update

17 weeks

Welcome Summer!!! Sorry about the bad quality “mirror selfie”  bump photo for this week. I’m still really waiting to “pop” and its a little frustrating when people see me and say that I don’t look pregnant yet. I know that at some point I’ll be longing for these days when I’m still close to my normal size but right now I’m just ready to be looking as pregnant as I feel. I’m getting close to halfway but it doesn’t look that way yet!

This week we attended a Gala at the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club for Variety-The Children’s Charity and we brought our little one to his/her first concert! We were honoured to be guests at a private concert in Canada’s second largest home….a 44,340 square foot Mansion filled with the music of Roy and Rosemary. Apparently baby can hear now so I sincerely hope that baby could hear incredible genius of instrumental pop fusion. Seriously if your ears haven’t heard their magical sound yet, you need to check it out for yourself!

17 weeks chris filmingPhoto of my Chris in the front hall of this incredible Mansion. //Credit by Brandon Deepwell. 


How far along?: 17 Weeks (I’m actually 18 weeks tomorrow)

How big is Baby?: The size of a Pomegranate…. (5in, 5oz)

Sleep: I finally have my energy back. Although I do take a nap in the afternoon when I can and early nights are still a must.

Food Cravings: I drove around to five different Chinese restaurants yesterday to satisfy a craving. Apparently the places around here don’t open until 4pm…

Food Aversions: Not this week.

Symptoms: Still having some headaches but thanks for all the tips last week! I am definitely trying some of them out. I’ll keep you posted on the results.

Gender: Two more weeks. Eeeeek!

What I’m looking forward to: Baby kicks and the Gender Reveal Party….oh I can’t wait.

What I miss: I’m actually too excited and enjoying this season of life to miss anything.

Next appointment: July 8 with the midwives and then July 9 at the ultrasound clinic.

16 Week Update

16 weeks

As you can see from the photo above, this week, in honour of Father’s Day, we took Baby to his/her first car show! It’s a family tradition to attend the Ferrari Car Cruise in North Vancouver each year and it was fun to imagine that next year we’ll have a little one in a stroller or baby wrap!

PS- Grandpa Yam has already come up with a nickname for our little one…. Baby Enzo. I’m waiting on a little red onesie to appear under the Christmas tree this year or better yet, a red car! *wink wink*

Baby was on set this week filming day for my show, Vancity Pulse. We were filming for Variety-The Children’s Charity at their 15 annual event, Boat for Hope at the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club. Variety BC raises funds and provides support for families who have children with special needs. This is one of my favourite events of the year because the children are just so amazing and it is so wonderful to see them enjoying a day when they can simply be kids. I’ll let you know when the new segment is released and you can see if you can spot my mini baby bump!

Also this week, We finally got to meet with our Midwives! So far, I love them already. Our appointment was so informative and relaxed. The midwife that we were meeting with really took the time to explain everything to us and make sure that we were comfortable. It’s great to know that we will be in control of our prenatal care, labour and delivery. I have a lot of peace of mind knowing that my birth plan will be respected. As parents, I really believe that it is important for us to make informed decisions regarding our baby’s care and to make the best possible decision of our little one.

My favourite part of our appointment was when we got to hear the baby’s heartbeat and movements! It’s always such a surreal experience. Someone is actually living in there! It takes my breath away. I could seriously spend all day listening to his/her heartbeat.


How far along?: 16 Weeks

How big is Baby?: The size of an Avocado. I don’t feel like baby has made any dramatically noticeable growth since last week. Still waiting for that growth spurt! I want to proudly be showing off my baby bump for the world to see! I’m making a human!!

Sleep: Great! I love being home! Sleep is my favourite thing.

Food Cravings: A big bowl of Strawberries and Grapes with Cottage Cheese…every.morning. Its the breakfast that I have eaten every morning for the last four months. And I love it.

Food Aversions: I’m happy to report that my stomach is finally starting to level out and it is far less sensitive than it has been for the last few months. It’s nice to feel kind of normal again :)

Symptoms: Just those darn headaches! Some days its totally fine but other days I can barely function. I’m trying to avoid using Tylenol or Coca Cola… if anyone knows some good natural remedies for headaches please leave them in the comments below!

Gender: If you believe in the Chinese Gender Prediction method, we’re having a boy. If you believe in the Heartbeat Theory, we’re having a girl. I guess we’ll find out in a few weeks!

What I’m looking forward to: Still waiting on those first flutters! I did think that I felt something the other day while Chris and I were watching a movie at home but its so hard to tell because I have nothing to compare it to.

What I miss: Sushi. I got a mad craving this week. Why do I always want what I can’t have?

Next appointment: July 8 with the midwives and then July 9 at the ultrasound clinic.

15 Week Update

15 weeks

I’m a few days later with this week’s update because my little bump and I took a trip to Colorado for my friend’s wedding! As a bridesmaid, we had a pretty full week with limited wifi access so I had to wait until we got home to update you all!

Baby certainly got spoiled while we were away but some of his/her first gifts! Colorado has such a cool, hippy vibe and we found some little outfits for baby, plus a few great maternity dresses for me to wear in the next few months! We also got to visit my dear friends, Zach and Emily Hunter with their new little baby, Lily- only 4 weeks old! I last saw Zach and Emily in December, while she was still in her second trimester so it was fun to catch up with them and hear how the rest of her pregnancy went. Seeing beautiful little Lily makes me so excited to meet our little one! Perhaps next time we get to visit there will be a new friend for Lily!

gifts 15 weeksSome of baby’s first gifts! (6-12 month Sleep sack, “The Baby Book”, Nuroo Swaddler and two onesies)


How far along?: 15 Weeks

How big is Baby?: The size of a navel orange

Sleep: Because of travel its been a bit harder to get my sleep. I was sharing a Queen-size bed with three other bridesmaids and had a few late nights chatting away with girlfriends. As tired as I was, its kinda of nice to get a few more  “sleepovers” in before the baby arrives! Who knows how many more of those we’ll be able to do once the little one gets here? But as nice as it was to get away, I’m really really glad to be home!

Food Cravings: Fresh fruit! Fresh ANYTHING! Travelling also means not being able to cook what I want and because we were in the United States, it also means anything deep-fried and greasy! (Sorry my Americana friends but its true!) Every meal away was fast food, Mexican, pizza or burgers….so I definitely opted for a salad whenever possible!

Food Aversions: Anything greasy and deep-fried….see above.

Symptoms: Same as last week, nausea and headaches but the nausea was only because of the travel and I’m learning how to cope with the headaches.

Gender: A few more weeks until we get to find out. I’m feeling a boy….but we’ll find out soon!

What I’m looking forward to: Being able to feel the baby move. If it wasn’t for the weird and unwelcome symptoms I’d sometimes forget that there’s a little person living inside me. Being able to feel our little one move about will certainly be very cool…and very weird!

What I miss: Home. Everything about home. It was nice to get away for my friend’s wedding but now it is really nice to be back home.

Next appointment: June 10! Just a few short days and we get to begin the journey with our midwives!

 15 week booth photo

14 Week Update



Hallelujah! Second Trimester is here!! Its so nice to finally get to relax and enjoy my pregnancy, now that the “danger zone” is mostly over. I remember being a young teenager and walking through a miscarriage with my mom and it’s been one of my biggest fears ever since. I’ve so relieved that we have made it this far and every day that I’ve prayed I have felt a quiet calm voice reassuring me that everything will be fine. I’m choosing to continue to pray and trust as each day passes.

I know its super cheesy but since I got pregnant I started reading a few pregnancy blogs. I really enjoy Anna Sacconne and The Art of Making a Baby. Each lovely lady did a weekly bump update and since I have so many wonderful friends around the world, I thought it would be a great way for everyone to follow along as we countdown until Baby arrives!


How far along?: 14 Weeks… the week that I’ve been waiting for since we found out that we were pregnant!

How big is Baby?: The size of a lemon

Sleep: I go to bed around 9-10pm EVERY NIGHT, which is strange for the night owl in me. But by 8:30pm I’m usually struggling to keep my eyelids open. This week I bought The Boppy Custom Fit Total Body Pillow. I truly don’t understand why maternity products have such strange names….sounds like a creature from Dr. Seus! But this thing is amazing!! I love that it comes in three detachable pieces so I can arrange the pillows to be exactly where I want them to give me back, tummy and leg support. Chris can barely touch me when I’m in my pillow fortress but baby and I are sleeping soundly every night so the pillow stays!

Food Cravings: Booster Juice. Popsicles and this week I finally experienced the infamous ice cream pregnancy craving! #itsreal

Food Aversions: I’m a west coast girl to the core…but don’t come near me with fish if you want to live.


  1. Nausea: Getting better. I threw up in the border line up on our way to the States on Sunday….it always happens in public. *So embarrassing* But since then I’ve been in the clear. Thank Goodness!
  2. HEADACHES! Urgh…so debilitating. I can’t do anything when these guys strike. I had a four day streak so far this week, hoping that its gone away for good now.

Gender: We have a 19 Week ultrasound booked for July 9. Can’t wait to see our baby again!

What I’m looking forward to: Growing this bump so that I can finally look as pregnant as I feel. As a first time mom, my bump is teeny tiny so people hear that I’m pregnant and give me funny looks. I could probably have kept this secret for another month or so but we were too excited to hold it in any longer.

What I miss: Having a clean house. Sorry Chris but growing your child is taking up my whole time and energy…the house will be clean again one day….maybe when the baby goes to college?

Next appointment: June 10, we found out last week that we finally got into the Midwife clinic of our choice! So happy to know that we will be getting midwifery care, something that I really believe in. I can’t wait for our first appointment with the midwives.



Great Expectations!




Chris and I are so excited to announce that we are expecting our first child! It’s crazy to think how quickly everything changes. My body has taken on a whole new life (literally) and Chris has been quickly adapting to all the new demands of being a husband and a daddy-to-be!

The craziest thing about early pregnancy is that you’re somehow supposed to keep quiet about the most exciting adventure that is quickly overtaking your lives! But we’ve finally made it to the 3 month mark and it’s so wonderful to let people in on our special secret!

Some highlights from the last three months:

- Found out that I was pregnant mid-March. Jumped for joy when I saw two little pink lines appear and then spent the next few hours sitting silently and stunned on my living room couch. Chris was away on a business trip that week so I arrived at church to secretly share the good news with a close friend of ours who hugged me and cried with me over this exciting new beginning! Chris and I made plans to skype later that day. He was sitting on the top of our favourite mountain-top, overlooking my hometown while I told him and we both spotted a golden eagle soaring overhead at the same time! *amazing God-moment*

-Nausea quickly caught up to me and all those pesky first-trimester symptoms but I consider myself incredibly lucky to have fared the first three months so well.

-We had our first ultrasound and got to hear the baby’s heartbeat at 6 weeks and truly, it is such an incredible sound. Our due dates got changed from November 23 to December 3, 2014 at this appointment. So we’ll see when this little one decides to make his/her arrival! We have our next ultrasound appointment schedule for July and we’ll get to find out the gender then….stay tuned.

-Everyday I’m craving fresh fruit, Eggos with maple syrup, mashed potatoes with gravy, Sour Patch Kids and Booster Juice. Pho also got me through the rough days of the first trimester when my body needed the protein but didn’t want to keep anything down. These days I want Mexican food and my family’s South East Asian cuisine. Gotta introduce our baby to its roots!

-We met with and chose a Doula to work with us for the delivery. I’m really grateful that we will have the guidance of a fully trained labour coach to support us through the final stages of this journey. Chris thinks its a lot of money but I know that he’ll be grateful for our doula on the day that baby is ready to arrive!

-We told our families the big news on Easter, a day marked for new beginnings and new life! My parents and Chris’ step-mom had already guessed that something was up! Some people just know you too well to keep secrets from!

-We had our first pre-natal appointment with my doctor and our dates got changed again…December 2, 2014. It’s great to know that everything is on track and both baby and I are doing so well. Baby isn’t even here yet and already I’ve learned how much worrying is a part of parenting! I’m so grateful that everything has been so smooth!

-Got into our first choice of Midwives. I’m looking forward to our first appointment coming up in the next few weeks! I feel so relieved to know that our pre-natal care and delivery will have a great team of midwives looking out for us. So far our plan is to do this as naturally as possible! That’s the plan, at least!

The biggest thing that I’ve been learning through this whole process so far is just to trust my body and enjoy the miracle that Chris and I get to work together with God to create a new life and bring this child into the world.

I’m truly in awe.


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