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NH Elixir { Product Review }


As many of you know, I’ve made it my mission this year to detox my life from toxic chemicals and pursue a more eco-friendly, organic and all- natural lifestyle. I’ve been heading this direction for some time now and I found it straight forward to shop locally grown or locally made foods from BC and easy to switch to all-natural cleaning products for my home. However, adopting an all natural beauty regimen has been more of a challenge. Yet with harmful chemicals entering the bloodstream within minutes of being applied onto my skin, I knew it would be worthwhile for my overall health in the long run!

At first I found it hard to detox my skin from it’s dependency on conventional beauty products but over time, I discovered that the key is finding all natural alternatives that work just as effectively (or better!) than their chemical laden counterparts. Over the next few weeks I’m excited to share with you some of my favourite Eco-beauty discoveries!

NH Elixir is one of these great products! It is 100% natural, free of chemicals, toxins, preservatives, etc. It is made up entirely of natural oils, the same ingredients the ancient Egyptians and Persians used to take care of their skin. It works to even out skin tone, minimize and dissolve fine lines and wrinkles, tighten skin and provide an overall youthful glow to your complexion. One of my favourite features of the product is that it is manufactured by a lab in Vancouver, Canada with quality ingredients. The glass bottles are designed in Milan, Italy, to ensure the best quality of your product (no chemicals from plastic leaking into your product).


At first I was worried that a face oil would leave my skin with a greasy feeling but on the contrary, my skin would feel luxuriously refreshed and nourished after each use. I’ve been using NH Elixir after cleansing my face for the past few months and right away I felt a wholesome glow radiate from my skin. With a high concentration of quality essential oils, a little goes a long way!

While the product is officially launching in luxury spas across Canada in early 2016, NH Elixir is sincerely something worth getting your hands on as soon as possible! One bottle normally retails at $198 (quality doesn’t come cheap!) but in honour of their upcoming launch, NH Elixir is offering one year supply (4 bottles) for the price of one! *offer valid until Dec 25, 2015.

And for the record, I don’t get paid to promote these products. I only spread the word about products I know and love so I hope you will enjoy NH Elixir as much as I do!


I’m becoming a Doula!



Finally the rain has returned to Vancouver! It’s a perfect day to nestle in and study for my upcoming DOÑA International course in just a few weeks.

Yes, I’m so pleased to announce that I am taking my passion for empowered birth to the next level! Serving and supporting women has always been close to my heart but now as a mother, I am convinced of the utmost importance of quality maternal health care – mind, body and soul. I want women to be empowered, informed, respected and valued through their birth journeys… Whatever that looks like for them.

If there is anything I’ve learned this past year it’s that the sisterhood of motherhood is of unwavering importance in all our lives. And I am so honoured to witness the strength, courage and beauty of women as they bring their children earthside.

So if you or someone you know is expecting, I would be so honoured if you passed on my name to them. It takes a village right? Let’s never walk this journey alone.

Summer Must-Haves for Baby!


6 Months! Wholy-Moly! How did we get here? I seriously feel like Chayton was just born! However, the great thing about having a summer baby is that by the time June rolls around, Baby is ready to explore the world around him which makes for great beach days, picnics in the park and long walks through BC’s many wonderful forests and trails!

To prepare you for a summer’s worth of explore and adventure, I’ve put together my favourite summer must-have list for littles.

  • 1// Hooded Baby Towel 
    • We were given this beautiful towel as a gift from our Pastors when Chayton was born! I love how soft and absorbant it is, perfect for a day at the poolside!
  • 2//Resqueeze Soft Food Pouches
    • Convenient for snacks at the park, beach or on the trail. Each eco-friendly pouch is easy to use and refillable, keeping waste out of the landfills. Fill with easy favourites like applesauce, yogurt or a yummy smoothie! Stay tuned for a exciting giveaway coming up!
  • 3//Teething Jewelry for drool or pool 
    • Teething is tough. Luckily these non-toxic, soft food-grade silicone beads are up for the job of soothing sore gums and keeping mama stylish.
  • 4//Babiators  (Violet Babiators are currently FREE. 1 per person. Code: SHADES. While supplies last.)
    • 100% UV protected for precious baby eyes. Plus if your babiators are ever lost or broken, they’ll replace them for free! #bestdealever
  • 5// Sweet Cheeks Body Balm 
    • Keep that soft newborn skin moisturized with all natural goodness all summer long. Never a chemical, never a worry!
  • 6// EOS Mint Lip Balm (For Mama)
    • Because I don’t leave home without it.

What are some of YOUR favourite summer products for babies and mamas? I’d love to learn about new brands worth supporting! Let me know in the comments below!

-Tara (& Baby Chayton)

I get by with a little help from my friends.



#Wereallinthistogether, she typed.

Crushed together, rambling words resembling more like hieroglyphics than the the English language, typed under a gentle photograph of a woman gracefully balancing across a fallen beach log with a sleeping babe strapped to her back. With the tender way she rocked him to sleep, rolling with the rhythm of the ocean tides, you would think the boy was hers. Yet her smooth chocolate skin gave contrast to the olive tones and asian eyes of the boy being worn. At first glance some might think he was adopted, and in a way, he was; for the woman on the shoreline loved the boy with a heart as big as her own and he, rested peacefully in the embrace of one he trusted.

Some say that motherhood is lonely, but for me, motherhood is full. Full of love, life and sisterhood as I’m daily grateful for the village that gathers and supports, cares for and embraces, raising each other’s babies as if they were our own and holding up each mama before the journey gets too weary.

Like a woven tapestry, we’re all connected. When one trembles, we all waver and when gathered we’re stronger than when we are apart.

A friend recently told me that I make motherhood look easy. But it is my village of women that make motherhood possible. As a speaker, mentor and model, I can live out the fullness of my calling, while being a mother, because of these women at my side.

It was only a year ago that I wept silent tears and prayed for God to bring me a sister-friend. Someone whose soul sang with my own and understood my story in a way that only another woman can. Now my birth sister is a closer friend and my girlfriends gather my world.

Each day is an ebb and flow of honest life. I make soup to fight her morning sickness. She carries my boy for me as I work. I bring a warm tub of water for her to soak her feet after being awake all night to birth her baby. She runs my errands and does the shopping for my family. We cook a meal together; she puts my boy to sleep. She shares her fears and triumphs, we applaud, heaven stands still. Village moves, the village rises, the village is a strong force in my world.


I am convinced: it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a village to be a mother, it takes a village to live out the fullness of your humanity. You need to be in community to thrive. I believe in raising one another up, cheering one another on, living big dreams and loving with full hearts. I believe in owning your emotions, wearing your heart on your sleeve and not being afraid to get hurt because your vulnerability is your greatest strength.

We must stay tender, stay kind. Don’t compare yourself to the woman next to you because her journey is not your own and there is room another for us all in this world.

So when you carry my babies, I’ll carry your heart. Because we’re all in this together.

The Ocean

In honour of World Oceans Day, I share a piece that I wrote while still pregnant with Chayton. I pray that it moves you to celebrate all that is sacred within the world. 


Dear Baby,

Today I can feel you as you explore your surroundings. Your dance has gotten more graceful over the past few weeks. I can feel and see you as your stretch about, pushing back the limits of my womb, ready to make your escape, preparing to make your presence known.

But wait, sweet baby. It’s not time yet and everything in life has a perfect time. Enjoy your cozy room, sweet baby, for the months ahead hold great changes for you and one day you may miss the warmth of Mama’s belly, where you were wrapped up cozy and safe.

Don’t fear, sweet baby. The world is terrifying, yes, but terrifyingly beautiful as well. Your daddy will teach you of the mountains and how to live within the forest. But I, sweet child, will teach you a love of the ocean.

We will wiggle our toes into the salty depths of the sea, sweet child. Feel its cool embrace surround as we play within its shores and immerse ourselves into its mysteries. Gather the sand into our cushioned palms and awe at the colours of the starfish. The waves will dance around you like your friends but never forget that within their playful grasp is a power that can undo and unnerve you.

Yet this is the thing that I love most about the ocean, the feeling of being so small next to something so mighty and powerful.

The ocean will teach you to breathe deep and be calm.

The ocean will teach you the reflection of the pink sunset over the beauty of the waves.

The ocean will teach you that there is always more than meets the eye, as it teems with life beneath of water’s surface.

The ocean will teach you the power of family bonds, as orcas, belugas and dolphins share a unity with their kin that is suffered when lost.

The ocean will teach you the importance of responsibly managing our effects on this shared world. It will feed you, sustain you and has the ability to destroy you if you do not care for it.

There is so much wonder and beauty in this world, sweet child, and as your parents, we are eager to share the bounty of our great lands and the majesty of this spectacular world with your innocent heart. If you care for these lands and oceans, they will care for you always. Their wisdom and abundance cannot be owned; it can only be treasured, experienced, protected, explored and ultimately, shared. We will teach you, sweet baby, for this earth is as much yours as it is ours. It is as much ours as it belongs to the deers, or the owls, or the salmon, or the orcas… or the falcon, of which you share a namesake.

Yet as powerful as the ocean is and as glorious its depths, the waters cannot compare to the majesty and sovereignty of the Creator, our God. You, fresh from His presence, will know of his mysteries greater than I and you will teach me an enormous magnitude of the character of our King. He lives and moves within us as we sustain our being within the lion heart of His splendour. As the earth cannot exist without the nourishment of water, so our souls cannot live with the touch if His divine. He is our beginning and our end; the universe was set into motion through the first words from His lips and both our worlds were called forth when He called you, my sweet son, into being. With your birth, I too will be reborn…into motherhood and into a deeper understanding of the sacred holiness with exists within us all. This holiness, which comes only from our Lord, when His divinity collides with our mortality and takes us to higher heights and gives purpose to our being.

There will be days when the darkness of your humanity will overtake you and even your best intentions will fail you. Yet this is the paradox of being human; we live in the tension between the holiness of God and the depravity of our sin. Yet no matter how far you fall, you will always find yourself caught by the redeeming power of grace. The depths of the ocean or the heights of the skies cannot outrun the grace of our God. So fear no fear, my son; though there will come a day when I can no longer stand beside you in the flesh, grace will never leave your side or forsake your soul.

As sure as the sun will rise and set above the waters of the ocean, be confident that you were born for this moment in time, this space in eternity. Let God rise like water to your soul, for you will always be sustained in Him. Turn your ear and soften your heart, care for the earth and those who inhabit it— embrace the holy all around you.

The earth is glorious, sweet baby. Soar like the eagles above the oceans waves, dear child, because like the ocean your life is not meant to exist in the shallow places where fear and trembling live, but to embrace the majesty, power, and holiness of the deep…the places beyond ourselves, where God reigns.

On my first Mother’s Day


Motherhood: there are no words to fully describe this life. I may never know all that my mother has done for me but now, I can fully understand it. The magnitude of this love is endless; it can change the world and impact the generations yet to come.

To all those who have mothered me, I thank you. To all the life givers, I honour you. To my son, who made me a mother, I will love you with every breath, in all I do, every day of my life.

come closer

When I became a mother I joined the ranks of swaying Mamas bouncing their babies in the back of the church. In subconcious cheorgraphy we would sway together- left to right, left to right, left to right. Under sleepy eyes from long nights awake, we would look up at each other, give a knowing nod and sympathetic smile before returning with a soft hugh and kiss on the forehead atop our own sweet babe in our arms. This was our rhythm, our season, our heart poured out.

Yet on more than one occasion I’ve had to step out farther than merely the back of the church. Wandering halls on the outside, separated from the action, unable to hear the words of the preacher. And though my heart delights to serve my son and comfort him as he needs, my time on the outside is making me ever thankful for the way Jesus draws us near.

I think of the old temple in Jerusalem and the distant women’s court, far from the Holy of Holies. There in the innermost part of the Temple was the very presence of God, His sacred dwelling place in the midst of His people. But sin kept the people separated from Him, and the women, like myself, were found far away in our own court at the other end of the temple.

But when Jesus’ feet walked the earth, He called to us – letting the children come, letting the women listen. When Jesus’ feet hung on the Cross-, the veil was torn, from top to bottom, from Heaven to Earth- and the barrier between God and us was forever removed. (Matthew 27: 51)

So come closer, draw near. Feel the warmth of His arms and the breath of His voice pouring over you. It is finished and there is room for us on the inside. 

 Now that I know what it feels like to be far, I’m so thankful for a God who draws us close.

 Happy Easter Sunday, friends.



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