Partner Testimonials

“It has been a pleasure working with Tara.
We were lucky enough to be featured in her most recent Holiday Gift Guide alongside many small shops who contributed back to the community in some capacity. 
As a social enterprise we are specific with the type of connections we make as we want to ensure quality engagements with our audience. 
Not only did Tara feature our brand in such a positive light, she understood the message behind our brand and brought that forth through her images and content.
Her team captured our products in such a natural way that we now continue to use them throughout our platforms.
Our experience with Tara was different than any other blogger because of the authenticity you feel when you see the photos. It’s like telling a story. A real genuine story. 
We were hoping for more than simply product shots and Tara completely impressed us with everything she’s done in the most beautiful way.
We would be honoured to work with Tara on any future project, any day.”
-Joanne Ma, Owner/ Creator, Modern Fort Design Co. 


“I’ve loved partnering with Tara to make the world a better place! Because of who she is and what she stands for, her blog has given us a tremendous boost at Good Coffee. She uses her influence to help people and projects she truly believes in, which gives every post on her site a refreshing sense of authenticity, gaining deep trust with her followers. If you ever have the chance to work with Tara Teng, don’t miss the opportunity.”
~ Justin Minott, CEO at Good Coffee


“It has been my pleasure and privilege to work with Tara Teng. Her honesty, determination, care and kindness are inspiring. When Tara wears our cosmetics, not only am I honoured, but people notice, and we get new and excited fans as well. Thank you Tara for all you do in the world.”  
-Melodie Reynolds, Founder, Elate Cosmetics

“Tara was an absolute pleasure to work with! She was eager to learn about our product as well as our company so she could share JORD with her followers. Since she only works with companies who align with her beliefs, it was such an honor to be a partner! Her efforts as a Social Influencer boosted our followers and sales! I would recommend her to any company wanting a smooth and successful partnership!”
– Payton Walpole, Influencing Marketer Specialist, JORD Watches