Embracing Body Positivity After Baby


I’m making a declaration: no more hiding. No more trying to change something I don’t like about myself. No more dressing for the trends and not for myself. I’m happy. And I’m not going to let society’s ideas on beauty taint how I feel.

Like many women, every time after I give birth, there is a period of getting to know myself again. The transformation from maiden to mother is powerful; you are born into a completely different woman after you give birth and raise life. This time I feel as though my experience has birthed in me something very honest, as if something that was trying to fit in has finally shed away and I’m left with a more accurate representation of my true self.

Even without giving birth, life changes us and age will inevitability morph how our bodies look. I’m preparing myself to embrace these changes. No matter what happens, I do not despise getting older, it is a gift denied too many.

PinkBlush Kimono on Fashion Blogger Tara Teng // www.tarateng.com

Because the bottom line is that my body does not define me. But body is a tool that allows me to experience the fullness of this wonderful life. My body is how I navigate the world but it is not who I am to the world. That comes from my heart.

I believe this decision I’ve made is a powerful thing. In a world where companies profit off our low self-esteem, it is a beautiful act of resistance to be happy with myself.

My body is strong and in it I feel beautiful. 

Yet there are societal standards that are unforgiving of new mothers bodies. When it comes to postpartum fashion and finding a way to dress a body that has undergone so many changes, I find a lot of advice on how to “dress for my body type”. Articles will tell us “don’t wear this” or “avoid that”, it will give us tips to slim and tricks to hide. Yet while there are some valid tips and tricks to achieve this, I believe the most important tip to achieving postpartum style that you feel good about is to wear whatever makes you feel good!  If that means leggings every day then find yourself the softest, comfiest pair of leggings that money can buy and live in those suckas! If it means that you’re still wearing your maternity jeans at three months postpartum (like I am) then go for it! There is no shame in wearing what you love like its going out of style!

For me, I am living in this long kimono from PinkBlush Maternity. It says maternity but really, this can be worn by anyone in any season of life. Definitely not confined to mamas-to-be!

PinkBlush Kimono on Fashion Blogger Tara Teng // www.tarateng.com

The flow is amazing and I feel downright S-E-X-Y when I wear it, which is important! Motherhood can change a lot in our lives but don’t let it kill your vibe. Be confident and rock what you got unapologetically.

PinkBlush Kimono on Fashion Blogger Tara Teng // www.tarateng.com

PinkBlush Kimono on Fashion Blogger Tara Teng // www.tarateng.com

PinkBlush Kimono on Fashion Blogger Tara Teng // www.tarateng.com

PinkBlush Kimono on Fashion Blogger Tara Teng // www.tarateng.com

I want every woman to feel beautiful and happy with themselves because it is a powerful feeling that everyone needs to experience. It doesn’t mean we’re perfect because we will always be a work in progress but coming to a place of grace, contentment and understanding with oneself is a feeling of total freedom!

XO, Tara

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