Inspired by the Ocean: Milo + Nicki, ethically designed fashion

The warmer days are just around the corner and as always, I’m on the hunt for sustainable and ethically-made fashion for my wardrobe!

Meet Milo + Nicki.

This small batch, designer fashion is manufactured in the USA using 100% biodegradable handwoven fabrics. The core of their company is to celebrate the beauty, diversity and ambition of women while remaining committed to their social and environmental responsibilities as a company.

Tara Teng EFW6
Photo by Chervelle Camille

With Indian and Zambian roots, the fabric is soft and made to last. Transparency in the supply chain is extremely important to Milo + Nicki and they have worked hard to source out partners that maintain their certifications for authenticity, sustainability and fair trade standards. The fabric is Ashima silk and GOTS certified organic cotton with rich ocean colours that are hand dyed with plant based, natural indigo. Plus the silk is cruelty-free, keeping even the silk worms safe from harm as well.

Photo by Tamara Clark

As you all know, I’m really inspired by individuals who seek to create better fashion. Making the choice to manufacture in small batches means that, unlike many other factories in the huge machine of fast fashion, Milo + Nicki actually knows what goes on in their factories and can work to ensure quality control, fair wages and workplace safety. This creates job opportunities for workers that are based on dignity and respect. And, as I mentioned before, this designer collection has fully biodegradable fabric and even its labels, hangtags and packaging is either recyclable or biodegradable, in an effort to address landfill problems across the planet.

Photo by Tamara Clark

I recently wore the Smother Jumpsuit from the Milo + Nicki collection to Eco Fashion Week and the 81lb Challenge presented by Value Village and Evan Biddell. This event was all focused on bringing awareness to the fact that the average person throws away 81lbs of fabric every year, with those textiles often ending up in landfills. It was the perfect outfit to wear to such an occasion. Of course, little Skyana came along with me, wearing her own outfit of organic cotton, fully made locally in Vancouver.

Photo by Chervelle Camille
Photo by Alfonso Arnold
With Stylist, Chervelle Camille. Photo by Alfonso Arnold
With EFW Founder Myriam Laroche. Photo by Alfonso Arnold

Currently Milo + Nicki is fundraising a Kickstarter campaign to help bring its beautiful and ethically created six-piece designer collection to a wider audience. And this is where you can help make sustainable and ethical fashion a great reality. There are so many ways to get involved and I highly recommend checking this collection out! You can learn more about their campaign here.

With their deep ocean blues and summery styles, this collection will be a perfect fit for all your upcoming summer events and you can feel good about skipping the fast fashion and making a choice thats both good for the planet and the people who made it.

xo, Tara

** This post was not sponsored or paid for by Milo + Nicki. I just genuinely love their collection and wanted to share about it.

Outfit details:

Jumpsuit by Milo + Nicki 

Necklace from American Nomad 

Earrings by Sweetpiece 

Skyana’s Outfit details:

Dress by Vonbon 

Bunny headband by Always and Foreverly 


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