Her name is Skyana Ocean Anne

She was born on the first night of the 2017 Lunar New Year – the year of the rooster, and it has taken us a whole month to learn her name: Skyana Ocean Anne. 

Skyana means to be awake: Awake to possibilities, awake to hope, awake to what God is doing to transform the world.

Ocean, so that she will run from shallow living and embrace the beauty of a deep, meaningful life. That she would understand how a drop may seem small, but a tidal wave of togetherness brings power.

Anne, the sixth generation to bear the Hebrew name in our family, meaning favour and grace. That God would grace her with His favour.


And with this name, it is our prayer that she would be the kind of woman who wakes us up, and calls out for us to arise, to work for justice, to speak with compassion and to fiercely love the world to transformation.

I pray that she will be kind-hearted, compassionate and strong, that her words and actions would strike with the conviction that calls others to likewise live for something greater than ourselves. That she would awaken us to what is truly important.

Because, as the ancient Chinese proverb says, when sleeping women wake…mountains move!


On the morning before she joined us earthside, I lay awake in bed and thought…the rooster calls out to wake us up. It calls for us to rise to our work and our calling. The rooster calls for us to open our eyes to a new day

Right now I think of all the events happening in North America and the ripples that are being felt around the world. It is time for us to wake from our slumber and rise. It is time to do the hard things, the necessary things, the holy things.

It is time to work for justice and live out radical love… for perfect love casts out all fear. 

Today the rooster calls for us to rise. 

I wrote the above paragraph on my Facebook Page on January 28th, 2017…and less than 12hrs later she was born.

Coincidence? Never.





A big thanks to my friend, Sasha Ruscheinski, for coming by to document Skyana’s third day of life in these beautiful photos. We will treasure them forever.


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