My Blessingway Baby Shower

Over the years I’ve been quite vocal over my love of sisterhood, but never have I needed my tribe of women more than through Motherhood. To this time around, instead of having a traditional baby shower with games, gifts and good friends, I chose to have a Blessingway or ‘Mother’s Blessing Ceremony’, with comfort food, prayer, ceremony and soul sisters.


A blessingway is a pre-birth ceremony, traditionally performed in Navajo culture to celebrate a woman’s rite of passage into motherhood. This type of ceremony has been rising in popularity in western cultures over the recent years, as many women have been longing for the closeness of community in our fast paced world.

We all know it takes a village to raise a child, but it also takes a village to carry that child to full term and birth this little one earthside. 

A mother’s blessing is all about nurturing the mother and filling up her cup with love and confidence for her next chapter of life. It is a beautiful, unique and precious way to honour expectant mothers by surrounding her within her circle of trusted female friends and sisters so that she knows she is loved, carried and protected through this special time.


I am incredibly grateful that my dear friend, Olivia Loney, offered to host this Mother’s Blessing Ceremony for me a few months back. Over the years our friendship has grown deep. I performed her marriage ceremony to her husband a few years ago, planned her Blessingway shower and held her hand as she birthed her own baby into the world earlier this year. To have her ask to host a shower for me was a beautiful testament to how much we mean to one another.

And the most meaningful part of this whole Blessingway event for me, was seeing my community of women reciprocate all the love that has been felt between us over the years.

Sisterhood is a two-way street.





My friends Shaley and Deanna put their creativity into the decor, giving the room the perfect cozy, warm boho vibe that I was after. I wanted this to be a safe space, where love and freedom flowed.

The girls did a perfect job making it all come together.




A big part of a Mother’s Blessing Ceremony is coming together to offer good wishes and prayers for the mother as she embarks on this next chapter of her life. And this was by far my favourite part of the evening.

The girls each brought me a crystal that represented their wish for me through this next birth and when my labor begins a few months from now, I will keep these stones near me – to be a reminder of all those who are praying for me in this season. Every stone they offered was as unique as the relationship with each woman it represented. Obsidian, ocean jasper, citrine, amethyst, orange calcite and himalayan salt are just a few of the natural beauties found. But as beautiful as the stones each were, nothing could compare to the beauty of the heartfelt words shared in our safe circle of sisterhood.


Then the ladies pampered me, with not only their words but their actions as well. Belly henna, foot soak, back and hand massage, I was definitely feeling love and cherished by my tribe.










I joked that we need to get together to do this once a month! Because life would be a whole lot better with a sisterhood uplifting, empowering and carrying one another on a regular basis.

We need more safe spaces like this in our world. More connection, community and collaboration, less competition. When we build one another up, we all become stronger.

And more than anything, I am blessed to have these women in my life. The greatest gift you can give someone is your time, and it is even more precious when the gift of friendship is given, as we walk this journey of life together.

Photos by Olivia Loney and Madison Paige.



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