Christmas Family Photos 2016

Perhaps its the sentimental sap in me, but I love Christmas newsletters, Christmas Cards and Family photos, often done at Christmas time but let’s be real…I cherish family photos all year long!

Chris, however, doesn’t like family photos as much. But with this being the last Christmas before Baby Girl joins the party, we had to capture this special moment in time.

Our sweet boy’s tenderness absolutely melts my heart and it has been such a joy to watch him grow.

This year we really saw his personality come out; he’s thoughtful and calculated, he likes to solve problems like his daddy but he gets easily frustrated when he can’t figure it out right away, like his mama. He loves dinosaurs and anything that goes fast, and life looks best from the view of daddy’s shoulders.

Chris and I really grew together, both as individuals and as a couple this year. Perhaps it was the three weeks that we spent together overseas that really bonded us, or the task of selling our home and move that brought us closer, either way I’m grateful for how much stronger our marriage has become this year.

And I’m grateful for all our loved ones who are constantly helping us build an even better foundation for our lives to stand upon.

Big thanks as well to the talented and so so kind Alishia Wittenberg for spontaneously running out into the sunshine with us to capture the last of this glorious daylight! If y’all are looking for beautiful portraits, film or photo…she’s your girl!

xo, Tara

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