Natural Remedies for Winter Skin

Well, we survived the great ‘snowpocaclypse” of 2016 in the Pacific Northwest. The piles of snow are starting to melt and today, the rain returned. But with temperatures expected to drop below freezing once again, my skin is definitely needing a little extra moisture and a lot more love right now. And as many of you know, Chayton also struggles with dry, sensitive skin so I’ve been working hard to be extra diligent to keep his sweet baby skin soft and smooth.

But while on this quest for healthy, nourished winter skin, I definitely want to ensure that I’m not pumping our bodies full of toxic chemicals, especially while I am pregnant with this growing little baby.

It took a little bit of trial and error to find exactly the right mix for our skin but now that I’ve got it down, I want to share with any of you who might be struggling with dry, cracked or itchy winter skin as well.

Bath Time Basics

As much as I love a nice hot bath or shower, this can be one of the biggest causes of dry winter skin. I’ve found the best solution to this is to warm the bathroom with a space heater for a few minutes so that the air is warm and then I put slightly cooler water into our baths. I want it to be warm but not hot so that it does not dry out the skin.

Instead of using soap that can be harsh and drying, plus full of unnecessary chemicals, I’ve switched to using Bebe de Luxe Milk & Oatmeal bath. It’s made up of fully organic, non-GMO, vegan ingredients that are free of parabens and other toxic nasties.  And it doesn’t take much to make a difference at each bath time, just a few scoops mixed into the water…with no need for soap after. Plus I have the peace of mind knowing that there’s nothing dangerous going into our bloodstream.

Moisturize Head to Toe

In some cases, our usual moisturizers just haven’t been enough with this cold snap so I’ve resorted to pulling out the big guns!

For Chayton, I’ve been using the Honest Company Organic Body Oil. It’s hypoallergenic, certified organic, vegan, made with botanically derived ingredients and PH-balanced. I apply at bedtime and every morning, and right away I saw a difference. His rough skin became soft again overnight and although I’m crazy about the smell (its very natural smelling…no perfumes making it smell sweet), I’m grateful to know that there’s nothing artificial in it.

On Chayton’s cheeks, which get so crapped by the cold wind when we go outside to play, I’ve been using the Night Renewal Creme from Usana’s Sense skin care line. Our family has been using this product line for years and always been so happy with the results. I used to have awful acne that came every month with the hormone imbalance of my cycle but once I switched to Sense by Usana, its been consistently clear.

The Night Renewal Creme is super hydrating, nutrient rich and made with a self-preserving technology that doesn’t require added preservatives like many other lotions and cremes. It’s gentle enough even for Chayton’s ultra-sensitive skin and I noticed a different after just two days. No more itchy, dry, capped cheeks for this babe!

For myself, I’ve been using Harlow Face Elixir to up the extra hydration and I’ve found my skin to be so soft! I actually have to hold myself back from touching my face because its that good! It is made with organic macadamia nut oil, jojoba oil, argan oil, avocado oil, clary sage and grapefruit essential oils. A teen tiny bit goes a long way!

For my growing baby bump and the rest of my body, I’ve been lathering myself in the Drenched Whipped Body Butter from K’Pure Natural Body Care. Literally everything from this brand is amazing but I especially love the whipped body butter. It’s so important to keep your skin hydrated during pregnancy and winter can really make things challenging. Thankfully K’Pure has totally taken care of that for me!

Keep up the Humidity

Because the air itself can be so harsh during an intense cold snap, I’ve started putting the cool mist humidifier on in Chayton’s room while he sleeps. I only turn it up half way but it really has helped. We use the Vick’s FilterFree Cool Mist Humidifier and I found a link for it online here if you are searching for one yourself.

Drink Up!

And while all these tips have helped us immensely throughout these last few weeks of bitter cold, it wouldn’t have mattered if we weren’t also hydrating our bodies from the inside out. Be sure to get all your recommended glasses on water in every day and you’ll notice a huge difference in all areas of your health!

Big thanks to our friends Madison and Dave from M&Him for the photos and the fun day climbing up the mountains with us in our snowy jeep! You can’t let the cold keep you from getting outside, making memories and playing in this winter wonderland!

xo, Tara



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